KNOTFILLER– for the repair of wood is one of the most flexible solutions in the market of wood-refurbishment products.

Simple and fast repair solution for DIY and professional use. Perfect repair for cracks, knotholes and other defects on hardwood and softwood elements.
Repairs on cracks and other defects in just a few moments.
The practical Knot-Filler sticks for wood repair are made from Polyamide. The Hotmelt bonds perfectly on wood. Overstands can be removed easily by cutting knive, shaping tools or plane.
Repairs are made in just a few moments. Versatile and efficient to use, especially for repairs such as fractured edges, or knot-holes in floor-boards. Knotfiller provides a flexible and permanently elastic solution for both interior and exterior applications.


Knotfiller – tool kits and accessoiries
Knotfiller EASY – set

  • in plastic case
  • incl. Glue gun
  • incl. 2 Cooling iron 45 x 45 mm
  • incl. Mousplane – handplane 50 mm
  • incl. 1 Pack Knotfiller MIX 6 x 2 sticks á 25 cm
Hot melt gun incl. Thermostat
HRA Gas Tec – Hotmelt gun cordless with gas tanks
Comprehensive knoftiller-kits for professional hotmelt repairs

  • practical wooden case
  • heat sink with handle, 180mm x 70mm, made in Austria
  • heat sink with 45 x 45 x 20 mm – made in Austria
  • hand plane with genuine 50mm Leitz-blade 50 mm
  • color selection chart
  • Tec Mat
  • Stick Storage Box
  • Spare parts
  • HRA-Sticksaver for waste-free colour changes
HRA Battery GUN for hotmelt repairs – cordless
Knotfiller – Hotmelt Repair Sticks 10 x 25 cm Sticks in reclosure ALU-Packs

APPLICATIONS – end use field

Joiner’s workshops, furniture industry, Carpenters, renovation companies, glue lam manufacturers, window and door manufacturers, etc
Joineries, Flooring manufacturer, stair manufacturer

Knotfiller can be used in workshops as well as for repairs on site; by having the whole Kit in handy cases.

Special industrial applications

There is an huge range of special applications in industrial use, possible support for machinery solutions up to fully automated Systems.
Currently we are serving leading companies in furniture, flooring or glue lam industry.


Knotfiller can easily be used for repairs on wood building elements such as glue lam or X-lam. The System allows an easy and fast “on site” – repair, if any defects come up after fixing the elements.


Knotfiller can be big helt in various of restoration works interior as well as exterior. Such as windows, balconies, floors, stairway, etc.

How to use

Repair of OAKPanel
Edge Repair on Glue lam construction panel



Some pictures from various applications


Joinery / furniture

Gluelam / Carpentry

Exterior Applications

Concrete Formwork



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